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How to decorate the table for Halloween

One of the most anticipated parties of the year is almost coming and if you give a Halloween party the costume cannot miss the tips that we will give in this article as a. If you want to create a really scary environment no details can escape, including the dining table. You can decorate the table with elements very scary and indicated for this celebration, as well as caprichar in the kitchen and make very bizarre foods.


Steps to follow:

1. To decorate the dining table for Halloween night does not need to spend your entire budget, a little imagination and skill can help you achieve a nice decoration. Let’s start by talking about the colors you should use. The characteristic colors of Halloween are the shades of orange, purple and black, so abuse of elements in these colors.
If you have a tablecloth with motifs alluding to this celebration, like skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, among others, then great. Otherwise, you can use an all-smooth one of the colors we speak.

2. The details are essential to decorate your Halloween table and create a scary environment. You can take cardboard and draw small spiders, pumpkins or bats, color it to your liking and spread it across the table or even stick it outside the food containers. You can even glue these small designs onto clotheslines and then attach them to the tableware.

3. Something that can not miss on Halloween is the pumpkins, a symbol of Halloween. You can decorate a pumpkin and place it as decoration of the dining table. To do this, simply pick up a pumpkin, cut a lid on the top of the pumpkin and take out its contents. Then draw a scary face with a marker, cut with a knife and place a candle inside to brighten your dinner. If you are having trouble decorating your pumpkin for Halloween, check out our article and follow the steps.

4. To light up the Halloween table, you can also use candles or make Halloween lanterns. You can make the lanterns by reusing glass jars, milk bottles, and even plastic cups. Just paint the jar of the color you want, draw a scary face on black cardboard, cut and paste into the jar. Very simple and stays with a very original Halloween decoration!

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