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How to Make Water Rose Alone at Home

How to make rose water is actually not too difficult so for that you need not bother to spend money to buy rose water sold in the market. Besides the price is quite expensive, rose water sold in the market sometimes does not guarantee its authenticity so if you are not thorough in the buying then might you actually will get the rose water that has been mixed or not pure anymore.
As we know, the water rose was already known since the first has tremendous benefits for skin beauty face or hair. The use of rose water on a regular basis can be trusted to help make the skin become white glow, smooth and moist. Even this rose water can also be a toner that works to help refresh the skin.
How to Make Water Rose Alone at Home
Well, so much the benefits of rose water is not it? therefore it does not hurt if you occasionally make rose water alone at home than to buy. Quiet, how to make rose water is very easy and not too hard so I’m sure you can make it at home.

How to Make Water Roses at Home

1. Prepare to taste fresh rose petals that have been washed clean
2. Then boil water using a pan as much as 2-3 cups, waiting until boiling
3. When the water is boiling then input rose petals
4. Simmer over low heat, let it run until the color of pale rose petals.
5. After that turn off the stove and wait until the stew to cool. Do not open the lid of the pot
6. Once cool, put the pot into the refrigerator and allow up to 24 hours. Remember, make sure that the lid of the pot is not open.
7. When it is 24 hours in the refrigerator then and only then open the lid on the pot and strain the water rose into the bottle airtight.
8. If you want to water the roses can last a long time then try to always keep it in the refrigerator.
9. Finish, rose water ready for use anytime
Note: Try to boil rose petals with distilled water in order to maximize results, if no distilled water then you can replace it with RO water.

How to Use Rose Water for Face and Hair

1. As Toner
For those of you who want to take advantage of this rose water as it is very easy toner is enough to shed a rose water on cotton and then brush on the skin of the face evenly. When used regularly it will make your skin becomes moist and fresh. In addition, this rose water can also be used as a facial cleanser when we finished the move in the afternoon.
2. As Face Masks
You can also use rose water as a mask for the face. We can mix rose water with some other natural materials in order to maximize results. One of the natural ingredients we can mix it with rose water and then used as a face mask is white eggs. A mixture of egg white and rose water is a very powerful tool to help moisturize and brighten the skin.
How to make this mask is very easy you just mix the live white chicken egg with one tablespoon of rose water and then toss to two ingredients are well blended, then use as a face mask.
In addition to egg whites, you may also mix rose water with orange peel. The way is also very easy that is dry orange peel first and then if it is dry then milled until smooth. Well, then mix the orange peel that has been refined with a scoop of rose water and use as a mask. Leave the mask is attached to your face for 15 minutes and after that rinse with clean water
3. For Hair
Rose water can also help maintain healthy hair. To do that, you can simply set up half a small bucket of water and then enter 1-2 tablespoons of rose water into the water. The use of water as a hair rinse when you are done shampooing. If you do this regularly then your hair will look shinier and softer.
That’s how to make rose water at home. How, is not it? rather than having to buy it would not hurt if you try to make it yourself occasionally.

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