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Friends’ vent ‘about his parents’ divorce. How should we respond?

Divorce can happen to anyone and can be painful for the parties involved. Not only for those who experience it directly, but also for the children and the immediate family.

So what if you have close friends who have parents who will soon get divorced? When that happens, your role as a friend is needed. The things below you can do to help him pass the experiment.

Suggest a solution a child can do
Help her by providing wise solutions. Such as advising parents to consult a marriage counselor, meditate, advise their parents on a vacation together, speak from heart to heart as children and parents, ask for more adult and experienced family advice, such as om, aunt, grandparent and so on. And of course he must be a mediator for both parents to be wise in making decisions.

Do not make him more disappointed
Never tell him to choose between his father and his mother. Do not also ask questions that make him more discouraged. When knowing your friends’ parents will soon get divorced, give moral support to your friends. Reassure him that it was not his fault. Though his parents may already be divorced, and there is no hope to unite him, at least he has hope that will make him calmer.

Comfort him
Knowing the parents of friends will soon divorce, of course this will be bad news also for you. When a friend is stricken by one of them like this case, be a friend who accompanied as well as entertainer for him. Encourage him to smile and forget for a moment the calamity that befall him. In his heart of course he felt a deep sadness. Do not let his sadness make him depressed or even depressed.

Faced with an open mind
The heaviest when having a parent who is not in harmony, not only when seeing parents quarrel but also the social impact that exists. Being a gossip of many people, labeled as broken and homed children of other environmental pressures, is certainly a heavy burden. Especially in this eastern culture, divorce becomes a disgrace for the family. If your friend is experiencing such pressure, remind him to always be open-minded. Although his parents parted, do not affect his life. Precisely make the spirit and motivation to live better, learn from the experience of his parents. Help her to make this event a learning process to make her more mature in the face of life. Especially if he’s married. Let this be a lesson for her marriage not to experience the same thing.

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