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Application of Computer Embroidery Machine Which Becomes So Major The Service Providers

Application of Computer Embroidery Machine Which Becomes So Major The Service Providers

Jasa Bordir Komputer In addition to the best machine brands, service providers must also have a good application of computer embroidery machines. The quality of embroidery is strongly influenced by how detailed the design work is. Therefore, this application becomes very important.

Unlike manual embroidery services, the design of computer embroidery must be done digitally. This makes the design more real and detailed. And you as the party who order at least can know what kind of picture of the final result of embroidery, complete with the color you want.

Computer Embroidery Software

There are so many names of computer embroidery software. In fact, sometimes the software has been included in a package of computer embroidery machines. So, actually not difficult to get the software or application computer embroidery machine.
Unfortunately, many people are less familiar with the software. For example, Software Wilcom 9. This is the most popular software among computer embroidery service providers. Bordir komputer

However, if service providers are not sure they can operate or use the software, they can use other computer embroidery machine software. More commonly used are digital design software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Those who like digital design, although never know how computer embroidery machine must know the three software.
In general, what is needed is software that can be used to draw digitally. So, this depends on which software the applicator is more accustomed to using it.

Process of Computer Embroidery

Bordir jakarta The main tools used by computer embroidery service providers are three; computer embroidery machines, computers already installed software for design, and scans. If two tools are available, then the process of embroidery work can be done.

First of all, all you need to do is create an embroidery design. Typically, clients carry hand-made designs by hand. The design is scanned and then edited using computer embroidery machine application.
The next step is to make improvements. The design drawing is given the final touch to make the result absolutely perfect. Even more importantly, this editing process is needed so that the flow of the yarn during the embroidery process can be read by the computer embroidery machine. New then image in save in file with certain format.

jasa bordir komputer jakarta At least it’s a simple process of computer embroidery process. So, in essence you as a consumer just need to send a simple picture just like what embroidery you want. The rest, leave it to us. As a provider of computer embroidery services, we know what to do. By using computer embroidery machine applications and supported by the use of best quality embroidery machines, you will not be disappointed with the results.

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