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Taper Haircut and What Makes It Unique

If 2016 was widely considered as the year of the fade haircut, this year has clearly shaped up to be the year of the taper haircut. Often mistaken for one another, the taper and fades are surprisingly not one and the same. This is perhaps one of the biggest news to many men who do not even know the hairstyle trend to begin with. For that reason, to help end the confusion, we are bringing you what the differences between both hairstyles.

What is the difference?

Being two of the most popular men haircut styles, the word ‘taper’ and ‘fade’ are often mistakenly used interchangeably. The fundamental difference between taper cut and fades can be seen from the hair length of the hair at the top.

Low Taper Haircut 2018

In tapered cuts, the top part of your hair is essentially left longer and then it gradually gets shorter on the sides and the back of your head. The top is normally left at about 2 to 4-inches long and the hairline all around your perimeter is cut incredibly short. However, unlike the fades, the hairline in tapered cuts is left completely intact although considerably shorter.

Most popular taper cuts

The fact that it is not as extreme as fades makes the haircut ideal for both men and women. With the taper haircut trend, now more and more women seen rocking the hairstyle as well. Just like any other haircut, there are numerous variant of tapers. See the following for some of the most popular tapers as written on Charmaine’s Hair website :

  1. Classic Tapers: This all-time classic cut features longer hair at both the top of the head and the crown, it then gradually tapers as the cut extends further down to the back of the head as well as the side.
  2. Side-part Tapers: This cut features one prominent part with the hair left considerably thick, and thins out gradually as it’s extended further down towards the ear. The sleek looking of this taper haircutis the reason why it’s popular among professionals.

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