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How To Make a Halloween Costume At A Time

Were you invited to a Halloween party and did not have time to get a costume? Do not worry, you do not have to give up the party! With things, you have at home or borrowing for someone and a little creativity you will be able to assemble in a few minutes a Halloween costume.


Steps to follow:

1.The witch costumes are something that can not miss on the night of Halloween and you can ride this fancy easily. All you need is a basic black dress, which will certainly have in your closet, high boots or black shoes and a witch’s hat. If you can not find a witch hat, you can do one in a few minutes, enter our article and see the step by step. Put on a very strong makeup, with a faded black eye, a lipstick of a strong color and shred hair to look more unkempt and witch.

2. You can also quickly assemble a zombie fantasy. For zombie fantasy, you do not have to worry too much about clothes, choose casual clothes, preferably little old ones and make some features on them. Now, where you should caprichar more is in makeup, to look like an authentic zombie. Make fake blood and apply it on the face, apply facial powder or talcum powder and outline the eyes with black shadows, like the zombie in the picture.

3. Another fantasy that you can ride quickly is that of Catwoman. For the cat woman costume choose leather or satin and sparkly garments, preferably opt for tight tights and a corset. Bet on high-heeled shoes or high-top boots and complete with a lace mask or cat’s ears if you can arrange it in time.

4. An improvised fantasy that you can easily do is the ghost . All you need is an old white sheet. Make two holes in the eye sheet, draw a mouth and you have your ghost costume ready. Easy!

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