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How to carry more luggage on the plane

For some people, the time to travel is a terror, since luggage always brings a headache. But one thing is certain, to make the trip more enjoyable and easier, less is more. The less luggage you carry, the less worry you will have.

How many pounds can I carry in my carry-on?

As much as you want to take more hand luggage, you need to accept that it is only 10 kgs that can be carried in your handbag on international trips and only 5kgs that can be taken on domestic trips. In addition, the suitcase also undergoes a size control, so it needs to have hand luggage size on the plane.

How big is hand luggage?

Its dimensions cannot exceed 115 cm, and the maximum dimensions are 23 x 40 x 55 cm, ie 23 cm high, 40 cm wide, 55 length. Many of the suitcases for this purpose respect these measures that are universal, that is, they work for any airport. So when you buy yours, let us know that it is to be hand luggage by plane.

How many carry-on luggage is allowed?

Another interesting fact is that you can carry more than one hand luggage, and this will depend a lot on the airline and the airport you are embarking on. As second-hand luggage, it can be taken to your personal bag. At this time it is essential to use common sense, as you are already embarking with a handbag, the second or even third bag should be smaller and lighter. Try to the maximum not to be loaded, otherwise, you will have to dispatch. One tip is also to use a small pouch, which sticks to the body.
That is, in addition to the suitcase, you can still carry:

  • Handbag that can be placed under the passenger seat or in an aircraft compartment;
  • Coat, especially, blanket or blanket;
  • Umbrella or cane;
  • Camera, computer, iPad.

Can you carry liquids in your carry-on luggage?

Yes, but liquids should be smaller or up to 100mls. That is, only small bottles are allowed. Some airports limit this amount, where you have to put all your products in a single bag, others have no restrictions, but also can not abuse and carry very large amounts of liquids, even if they are small. Many products that people do not think are liquid are considered as such, this includes most makeup. It is not allowed to carry products in the form of sprays, aerosol, as well as pointed objects or that can serve as white arms, in addition, do not carry matches or lighters. Cigarette packs are allowed. See which cosmetics can be carried on the plane.

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