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Why do we allow plastic surgery to the reasons for non-medical?

Plastic surgery has a bad side, no doubt. There are people with the issue of confidence severe and become addicted, and there are a lot of plastic surgery bad produce something half-baked or obviously ridiculous, but let me tell you about the good side that I see at work every day with an expert surgeons and patients from around the world, and I do not talk about reconstructive surgery, which is something noble and life-changing. I’ll talk about cosmetic surgery.

Hasil gambar untuk Mengapa kita memperbolehkan operasi plastik untuk alasan-alasan non-medis?

Lana del rey plastic surgery, First, I’ll say something that we semya know: ONCE appearance is important. Our first impression is almost always based on how a person looks, whether consciously or not. This is what has been taught to our society and the media. It is not fair and should not be so, but still, this is the way the world works now.

I believe as human beings, we will grow and eventually we will put the aspects are more important than a person in addition to the appearance, but now, most people will give jobs, want to deal with you, see you and judge you based on your appearance. I think this is the same all over the world, but in this case I am talking about Colombia, a country where I live. Of course, if you are a neurosurgeon or a scientist, these aspects are not very important, but for people who do not have a job as good as it looks decent is important, not only for personal reasons but also for reasons of work.

I see women who did not have the confidence to be strong and assertive following cosmetic surgery. Call it the placebo effect, it could be, but when surgery is done well, by serious professionals who care about their patients, cosmetic surgery can be an art and very profitable for someone. I remember a woman from Arkansas who came to us because he was overweight and want a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. He was very confused and one of the surgeons we say that he did not need breast surgery, because her breasts are fine.

So basically, all depend on the cosmetic surgeon like what you see, and if it is a fair and honest doctor, he will reconsider your procedure needs, or if you are better so it is. We even had a few doctors who work with psychologists who see patients before they approve any operation. As I say, in plastic surgery, like life, there are good and bad people, and there are good cases and bad cases. Some people really need a cosmetic surgery procedure, and some are not.

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