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Why do people criticize those who do plastic surgery?

Something that’s not me is anything that does not reflect my own. It is a cognitive bias that plagued humanity all over the place and cause problems with gender, race, religion, etc. No doubt it is one of the biggest problems of humanity. Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Hasil gambar untuk Mengapa orang-orang mengkritik mereka yang melakukan operasi plastik?

We tend to judge others without thinking about them at all, or their problems, just think about ourselves. If you are fat, you are different from me, you are weak, you deserve mocked, judged, hated, etc. If you do liposuction, bypass the stomach, abdominal surgery or other surgery to help people lose weight, then you are a weak person, you deserve mocked, judged, hated, etc.

If you are naturally more beautiful, you are a proud people, hated, judged inappropriate, etc. If you do plastic surgery to make it more beautiful, you are labeled arrogant, decent hated, judged inappropriate, etc. and so on and so forth, always so direction.

You do not even need to do a “justification” by accident or face unnatural, people judge others based on their usefulness to help make something else, even if it meant escape from the judgment upon themselves. They could have mocked because of its features, judged as cruel, have health problems, etc., but people do not care about it; judgment it happen and rude. You change, then you become “not like me” and it was not acceptable and people judge you more harshly . It’s sad, but it really happened.

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